Caroline. 22 years old.
Follower of Christ.
Musician, playing, listening, learning.
Living in Jersey, for now.


party time

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We Heart It’te INVISIBLE • De Tal Padre Tal Hijo (Soshite Chichi Ni… | via Tumblr -

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This lady is third horn of the New York Philharmonic


This lady is third horn of the New York Philharmonic

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Scott: Aw, but I was going to concentrate on schoolwork and lacrosse this semester!
The beginning of every season of Teen Wolf

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The Obsessive Decision to Give Up


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my kitten says hello

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apparently the videos from arctic monkeys at the olympics have been removed from youtube but here’s their cover of “come together”

Been getting a lot of asks on this, here you go my darlings.

Worth reposting

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  • Wait excuse me but Season 4 of Teen Wolf is missing both Allison (obviously) AND Isaac? (Which I should have noticed before now, really)
  • "Hey, why don’t I watch some Teen Wolf before bed? Yeah, it can be violent and kinda gory but it’s usually pretty campy so let me just press play and - OH NOPE AXE MURDERER. DEAD BODIES IN A FREEZER. ‘I’M JUST SO HUNGRY’. NOPE NOPE NOPE."
  • "You know what, I’m not sorry." Yes yes yes beautiful. But are we just gonna forget that your ex is dead? Just not gonna mention it ever again? No emotional ramifications? Ok cool.
  • "This guy is good at lacrosse. He MUST be supernatural. Yeah, totally."